9. November 2023.

TargetVideo: Local Video Platform and Ad Network Boosting Regional Video Monetization

In the online video world, setting up a free video player on your website and uploading videos may seem straightforward. However, when it comes to earning from video ads or scaling your service significantly, relying on a free solution won’t cut it. Take it from the folks who migrated several major regional TV networks, online portals, and news outlets from free (and competing) solutions to the TargetVideo (former Brid.TV) platform, this year’s SoMo Borac partner.

For some of our regional clients, our support team’s first response might come as a pleasant surprise: “Možemo li nastaviti na hrvatskom, srpskom … bosanskom. Pa vi ste naši?” (Can we continue in Croatian, Serbian, or Bosnian?). While there are a lot of international companies employing support or development teams from the region, there are few local ones that made a name for themselves internationally before playing on the home turf. TargetVideo is among those few.

Cutthroat experience in the US market has allowed us to hone a player and platform solution that works beautifully and competes seamlessly with older, better-known providers.

Collaborating with US-based media, where our technology competes with companies a hundred times larger, has made us not only competitive but also ahead of local market demands. This experience has allowed us to hone a player and platform solution that works beautifully and competes seamlessly with older, better-known providers. Our scale, and development processes enable us to offer a high-quality product at very competitive prices, even to local markets that are usually plagued by lower advertising profits.

Some of the most influential local media companies have chosen TargetVideo as their provider of video and ad tech solutions.

The summer of 2023 marked a significant milestone for Brid.TV. It was acquired by TargetVideo, a Germany-based video production and advertising company with extensive industry experience and prominent advertisers as clients. As a platform heavily focused on facilitating direct advertising deals, TargetVideo allowed what has now become its Serbian branch to support local media even better in their monetization efforts. Moreover, this has provided additional, exclusive demand, granting the local team an even larger presence in the Adria region and the EU. In other words, joining together an ad network with a video and ad tech platform is a 1+1=3 kind of deal for anyone who chooses to partner with us. 

Being an ad network with its proprietary video tech provides clear strategic benefits for TargetVideo. As our publishers, advertisers, and partners continue to experience the benefits of this synergy, there are numerous unexplored possibilities on the horizon. We eagerly look forward to witnessing their progress and the significant milestones they are set to achieve in the near future.


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