1. December 2023.

EU Parliament representative on greenwashing: generic green labels like ‘bio’ and ‘eco’ becoming a thing of the past

Sustainability has become a ‘must have’ direction in the economic and business world. According to a report by the global consulting firm Horváth, European companies have allocated an average of 27 percent of their total budget in 2023 for investments in sustainability improvements. Several factors are driving them towards green transition – primarily the desire […]

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29. November 2023.

The photo gallery!

From hot takes to wild dancing, there were a lot of special moments this year. See how it all went down in our photo gallery.  See the gallery here →

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24. November 2023.

A big thank you to all our partners and friends!

After successfully wrapping up another SoMo Borac and the first conference in its history, it’s time to thank everyone who helped us make it happen. Dear partners and friends of SoMo Borac — on behalf of our entire team — thank you once again for your support!

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20. November 2023.

Here are this year’s winners!

We sincerely congratulate all the winners in the Media and Advertising streams, the list of which you can see on the link below. Also, a big thank you once again to our lecturers, panelists, jury, sponsors and all of you who made the 11th edition of SoMo Borac powered by Httpool unforgettable! See the winners […]

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Check out the results of HUDI’s digital market research

Our partner this year, HUDI, presented the results of their two studies, which provide key insights into the future of digital advertising, publishing, and media space, according to experts from the publishing industry. You can see the complete results of the Digital Subscriptions research in Croatia here, and read the conclusions of Digital Revolution about […]

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17. November 2023.

Create an AI-generated image for a chance to win a T Phone Pro, T Tablet, or other prizes!

We are rewarding the AI artist who generates the best image using Midjourney. Join the competition for a chance to win awesome prizes!

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16. November 2023.

-30% on your Uber ride to SoMo and back

This year, you can get to SoMo Borac and back with Uber for 30% off! This promotion is valid from 6 p.m. to 3 a.m., and you can use it to drive to the Culture Factory and return home. To activate the discount, enter the following promo code in the Uber app: SOMOBORAC2023 Uber in-app […]

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15. November 2023.

Check out the new SoMo Borac statue

3D Tvornica, a company we have been working with for many years, stands behind our statue’s new look. This year, the statue received a weight that not only has an aesthetic value, but also symbolizes the weight and significance of the SoMo Borac award. Learn more in the YouTube video on link.

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Zagrebačka banka offers SoMo tickets to users of Paket za mlade!

The first 100 users of the Zagrebačka banka Paket za mlade have the chance to win a free entry to the SoMo party powered by Zagrebačka banka, and the first 20 can win tickets to the SoMo conference! If you still don’t have your Paket za mlade, hurry to Zagrebačka banka and get it for […]

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14. November 2023.

SoMoCast S2E8: Osman Hosan — How is Spotify shaping the future of Digital Audio?

How does Spotify’s business model generate revenue? What are the key differences between their freemium and premium subscriptions? How does Spotify attract and retain users? Why did they expand into podcasts, and what are some of the technological innovations Spotify is currently investing in? Tune in to this intriguing conversation with Osman Hosan, the Director […]

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Vojko V at the SoMo party, powered by Zagrebačka banka!

We are excited to announce this year’s SoMo Party sponsored by Zagrebačka banka, with Vojko V in charge of the atmosphere!

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Didn’t get your tickets? Join us via stream!

Even if you don’t have tickets, you can join us on the live stream, made possible with the help of the Confiva streaming service. Register on our website by purchasing a streaming ticket for 49 euros. After purchase, you will receive a link in your inbox to confirm and access the stream. Register for streaming […]

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What is the potential of DOOH advertising and how to use it successfully?

Read the latest interview with Dino Burbidge, Cannes Gold winner and one of this year’s speakers at SoMo Borac, on the potential of DOOH advertising and the formula for its success. Read the interview →

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10. November 2023.

Tickets are sold out, but we’ll have a live stream!

We are extremely pleased with the interest you have shown in SoMo Borac 2023, and can’t wait to see you in such great numbers on November 17th! For all of you who didn’t manage to grab your tickets, we’ve also prepared the option of a live stream for 49 EUR, so you still have the […]

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9. November 2023.

Where is the SoMo conference held?

The SoMo conference is held at Tvornica kulture in Zagreb, at Šubićeva street 2. See the location on the map If you are looking for accommodation nearby, you can get a discount at these locations.

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Introducing this year’s program!

Check out everything SoMo Borac has to offer this year. See the program →

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What does the future of journalism look like?

Francesco Cancellato, editor-in-chief of the online magazine Fanpage.it, is known as the leader of the digital newspaper revolution in Europe. Read his views on the future that awaits journalism as a profession. Read the interview →

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How will generative AI affect advertising?

Read what Adam Nowakovski, Agency Partner from Meta, told Netokracija about the company’s plans for the coming period, as well as the challenges of the digital market that Meta is trying to overcome with its AI solutions. Read the interview →

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TargetVideo: Local Video Platform and Ad Network Boosting Regional Video Monetization

In the online video world, setting up a free video player on your website and uploading videos may seem straightforward. However, when it comes to earning from video ads or scaling your service significantly, relying on a free solution won’t cut it. Take it from the folks who migrated several major regional TV networks, online […]

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8. November 2023.

Here are this year’s finalists!

We reviewed all applications and selected the projects that have a chance to win SoMo Borac awards this year. See the finalists →

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7. November 2023.

SoMoCast S2E7: Stipe Grubišić — Where is the media market heading?

What makes the Croatian media market special, and how does it differ from Western countries? How important are indirect sales to digital media revenue? How much will the cancellation of third-party cookies affect them? These and similar questions are answered by Stipe Grubišić, Chief Digital Officer at Hanza Media. Watch on YouTube →   The […]

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3. November 2023.

Introducing four new speakers!

Teo Širola (Museum of Illusions), Lea Stanković (Communis), Ivan Brezak Brkan (Netokracija) and Ivan Kordić (Shoppster) are the four latest additions to our speaker lineup at the first SoMo conference!   Teo Širola: from Zagreb to Las Vegas — a Croatian success story After a career as a consultant in corporate finance and the position […]

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31. October 2023.

SoMoCast S2E6: Ivanka Mabić Gagić — What are the most important trends in digital advertising?

What is Httpool and what is its business model? What are the benefits of Reddit and Snapchat for advertisers? What’s happening with the Metaverse and why is it still relevant to the future of advertising? Listen to what Ivanka Mabić Gagić, Managing Director of Httpool Hrvatska, has to say about all this. Watch on YouTube […]

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27. October 2023.

New record: 230+ applications this year!

Over 230 applications in total and an almoast 30% growth in the Media stream makes this a record year for SoMo Borac! These numbers prove the amount of top talent and creativity within the digital community. We are thrilled with the amazing response from all of you and can’t wait to see what you have […]

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Coolinarika presents the first AI assistant in the region

Coolinarika, the largest culinary platform in the Adria region, presented SuperfoodChef-AI by Coolinarika, the first regional AI assistant. It is a personal AI assistant for a nutritionally balanced diet, with an emphasis on superfoods. It was designed to show users the importance of a varied and nutritionally rich diet in a simple and interesting way, […]

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25. October 2023.

New speaker: Adam Nowakowski from Meta!

We are thrilled to introduce our latest speaker, Adam Nowakowski from Meta. As an Agency Partner, Adam works closely with creative agencies across Central-Eastern Europe, leveraging Meta’s suite of marketing solutions to unlock business and creative potential.  Adam believes good creative – for mobile as for all other media – continues to follow the timeless […]

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24. October 2023.

SoMoCast S2E5: Matej Lončarić — How does the streaming business work and what does its future look like?

What do you need to start a streaming platform? How does the production of streaming content differ from that of television? Why was VOYO created and what is its goal? Listen to what Matej Lončarić, Chief Digital Officer of CME Adria, has to say about all this. Watch on YouTube →   The podcast diving […]

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23. October 2023.

How to maximize business results during peak season

Don’t miss the upcoming webinar by Httpool on October 25th, 10-11 AM, featuring Nemanja Djacovic and Marko Mikes. Learn how to maximize your business results using Meta platforms during peak seasons. Secure your spot now! Register here →

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20. October 2023.

Introducing a new speaker for SoMo Borac 2023!

We proudly announce Tomáš Bella, co-founder, and Chief Digital Officer of the independent daily newspaper Denník N from Slovakia. This newspaper is known for its long-form high-quality articles and innovative online subscription model. In his talk titled “Making people pay,” Tomáš will reveal how a small group of journalists built a profitable newspaper resistant to […]

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18. October 2023.

We are extending the application deadline until October 25th!

We are giving you a little more time to perfect your applications for this year’s SoMo Borac, until Wednesday, October 25th! Also, we remind you of the most important criteria being evaluated, namely Originality and Creativity, Execution Quality and Results.   Review your application and consider whether you meet these criteria: Grab the jury member’s […]

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17. October 2023.

SoMoCast S2E4: Viktor Marohnić — How to create a business from a passion for sports?

Viktor Marohnić founded the Five agency, and today he is the CEO of 57hours. Listen to what the time between Friday afternoon and Sunday evening means to him, how he views the differences in European and American business, and why he thinks execution is a key factor of success. Watch on YouTube →

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13. October 2023.

You can still submit your projects to this year’s SoMo Borac!

We are soon closing applications for SoMo Borac 2023. — you can submit your most successful campaigns and digital projects until October 20th! We are excited about our first SoMo conference, and we remind you of the speakers announced so far: Vamanan Puvaneswaran, director of TikTok at the Swiss agency Monami, Dino Burbidge, an expert […]

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5. October 2023.

Presenting two more conference speakers: Francesco Cancellato and Nico Wüst

Francesco Cancellato Francesco Cancellato is the Editor-in-Chief of Fanpage.it and holds a seat on the director board of the European Journalism Center. Between December 2014 and September 2019, he directed the online newspaper Linkiesta.it. Francesco has authored several books, including “Factor G. Why the Germans are Right” (UBE, 2016), “Neither Exploited nor Big Boys: Solving […]

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4. October 2023.

Free webinar by Httpool on cybersecurity within Meta platforms

Our partner Httpool invites you to a webinar that will explore cybersecurity challenges within the world of Meta platforms. You’ll gain insights into the importance of cybersecurity, delve into real-life examples, and expand your expertise in enhancing online security measures. Save the date: October 12th! Read more here →

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29. September 2023.

Accommodation discounts for hotels and apartments

We’re offering discounts on select hotels and apartments to make your trip to Zagreb even better. Check the accommodation list →

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We offer SoMo newsletter subscribers a 15% discount on tickets!

Subscribe to the SoMo newsletter to get an exclusive 15% discount on tickets to the SoMo Borac Conference, awards ceremony and after party. You will also receive our e-book with tips on creating an awesome SoMo Borac application, and be among the first to learn the latest news from SoMo Borac and the digital world. […]

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27. September 2023.

SoMoCast S2E1: Miran Pavić — Are digital subscriptions a good business model?

Miran Pavić is the founder and CEO of Telegram Media Group, the president of this year’s SoMo Media jury and a co-founder of HUDI. He has been in the media all his life: he collaborated with the well-known tech magazine Wired, edited Nedjeljni Jutarnji and managed the digital operations of Jutarnji list. Today, his focus […]

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22. September 2023.

How big is the Croatian digital subscription market really?

At the upcoming, first SoMo Conference, you will be able to hear the results of the first comprehensive study on the size of the Croatian digital subscription market. The study shows the total number of subscribers, as well as acquisition and retention strategies and tactics of HUDI’s members who already have digital subscriptions today. Learn […]

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How to create an awesome application for SoMo Borac (e-book)

Before you submit your video to apply for SoMo Borac, be sure to check out our new e-book — it provides valuable, unique inside tips from jury members, as well as real examples with advice from former applicants on how to create an application so good no one can ignore it. The e-book is free […]

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14. September 2023.

HUDI is working on a study about the digital industry

In an attempt to discover what to expect in the future of digital publishing and advertising, the Croatian Association of Digital Publishers (HUDI) will start working on a new study about the digital industry. It will discuss the trends that will shape the future, highlighting key areas of focus, such as digital subscription, content and […]

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Slight changes to application rules & conditions

This year, we will accept applications for digital works created from September 1, 2022 to October 20th, 2023. However, there are certain exceptions when we also accept applications for works created earlier. You can read all the details related to the updated rules & conditions for each category on our website: SoMo Advertising Rules & […]

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7. September 2023.

Meet the first conference speakers — a Cannes Gold Award winner, and a renowned TikTok expert

For the first time in the history of SoMo Borac, we are including a full-day conference that will bring together numerous experts in the field of digital marketing. Here are our first speakers: Vamanan Puvaneswaran Vamanan (or Vamz for short) has spent a significant amount of time working for media companies, where he focused on […]

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31. August 2023.

What are the benefits of marketing automation for creating a personalized user experience? Here’s what our jury members think

Automated email sending, social media management, campaign tracking — this year’s SoMo Borac jury members Mario Frančešević (SeekandHit) and Ivan Kordić (Shoppster Srbija) shared their opinions on the importance, challenges, and advantages of marketing automation. Read the article in Croatian here.

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Ružica Vrdoljak Ličina, Executive Director of SoMo Borac, on her career and the strongest digital community in the region

How does the jury remain impartial? How did SoMo Borac come to be, and what is the significance of the award for an agency? The most recent episode of “Dan za Podcast” featured Ružica Vrdoljak Ličina, Executive Director of SoMo Borac, who talked about her career journey and offered some helpful tips on how to […]

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18. August 2023.

Check out the program for Digital Labin 2023!

The 4th Digital Labin conference for digital designers and developers, organized by our partners at Lloyds Digital, is scheduled for September 22nd and 23rd this year. It features three stages, masterclasses and lectures from renowned experts, as well as a panel organized by SoMo Borac. Find out more about the program here.

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11. August 2023.

Are social media habits changing? Here’s what our jury thinks

Social media’s reign as the go-to platform for news consumption appears to be declining. Are users changing their habits or just becoming less informed? We discussed this trend with this year’s SoMo Borac jury members: Pavle Savović, founder of Telegraf.rs, Aljaž Peklaj, partner and strategic director in Bold Group, and Mirela Hegediš Horvat, sales and […]

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20. July 2023.

How much will ChatGPT change the industry? Here’s what this year’s jury members think

Stipe Grubišić (Hanza Media, HUDI), Mia Biberović (Netokracija, HUDI), Nebojša Grbačić (Cvoke), and Daniel Fazlić (Bloomberg Adria) are among the SoMo Borac jury members this year. We asked them for their opinion on one of the most important topics in digital recently: the use of AI tools in everyday work. Read what they said in […]

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27. June 2023.

Interview with Miran Pavić and Maja Grbović, Presidents of the SoMo Borac Jury in 2023.

In the latest interview, Miran Pavić, Director of the Telegram Media Group and an Executive Board member of the Croatian Association of Digital Publishers (HUDI), along with Maja Grbović, Head of the Media Department at Mercator-S, reveal what they expect from this year’s applications, their vision for the future of digital, the implications of new […]

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Introducing Digital OOH, a New Category in 2023!

Many digital marketing experts predict the growing popularity of Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH) advertising. In recent years, exceptional DOOH projects have been carried out in Croatia, catching the attention of European and global experts. Hence, this year, we decided to introduce Digital OOH as a new category. This category highlights the importance of DOOH advertising in […]

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20. June 2023.

Introducing the jury and opening applications for Somo Borac 2023!

For the eleventh time, Somo Borac is representing and rewarding the best creatives in the digital industry. The decision on the most important regional digital award is made by an experienced jury, consisting of digital experts from the best agencies in the region, judging the best works in a total of 15 categories. This year’s […]

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