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SoMoCast is a podcast shining a light on the dynamic world of digital business, media, and marketing. Join our host Nikola Vrdoljak as he sits down with the region’s top digital leaders to peel back the layers of the hottest topics in our industry.



Episode 8 - season 2

Osman Hosan
How is Spotify shaping the future of Digital Audio?


How does Spotify's business model generate revenue? What are the key differences between their freemium and premium subscriptions? How does Spotify attract and retain users? Why did they expand into podcasts, and what are some of the technological innovations Spotify is currently investing in? Tune in to this intriguing conversation with Osman Hosan, the Director of EMEA Partner Sales at Spotify.

Episode 7 - season 2

Stipe Grubišić
Where is the media market heading?


What makes the Croatian media market special, and how does it differ from Western countries? How important are indirect sales to digital media revenue? How much will the cancellation of third-party cookies affect them? These and similar questions are answered by Stipe Grubišić, Chief Digital Officer at Hanza Media.

Episode 6 - season 2

Ivanka Mabić Gagić
What are the most important trends in digital advertising?


What is Httpool and what is its business model? What are the benefits of Reddit and Snapchat for advertisers? What's happening with the Metaverse and why is it still relevant to the future of advertising? Listen to what Ivanka Mabić Gagić, Managing Director of Httpool Hrvatska, has to say about all this.

Episode 5 - season 2

Matej Lončarić
How does the streaming business work and what does its future look like?


What do you need to start a streaming platform? How does the production of streaming content differ from that of television? Why was VOYO created and what is its goal? Listen to what Matej Lončarić, Chief Digital Officer of CME Adria, has to say about all this.

Episode 4 - season 2

Viktor Marohnić
How to create a business from a passion for sports?


Viktor Marohnić founded the Five agency, and today he is the CEO of 57hours. Listen to what the time between Friday afternoon and Sunday evening means to him, how he views the differences in European and American business, and why he thinks execution is a key factor of success.

Episode 3 - season 2

Vjekoslav Srednoselec i Ozren Kronja
How much is really spent on digital advertising and why do we have two AdEXes?


Vjekoslav Srednoselec is the COO of Dentsu Croatia and a member of the AdEx working group of IAB Croatia. Ozren Kronja is the executive director of HUDI (Croatian Association of Digital Publishers) and a lecturer at Algebra. Find out how much money is spent on the Croatian digital market, how developed it is compared to other markets, what AdEX is and why we have two.

Episode 2 - season 2

Mislav Malenica
Može li umjetna inteligencija učiniti život boljim?


Mislav Malenica is the CEO of Mindsmiths and the president of the Croatian Association for Artificial Intelligence, CroAI. As a scientist, Mislav bravely stepped into the world of startups, becoming one of Croatia's leading AI experts. He shares his thoughts on the evolution of AI and how this technology can improve the quality of life, how strong the Croatian AI community is, and why he thinks mentoring is extremely important.

Episode 1 - season 2

Miran Pavić
Are digital subscriptions a good business model?


Miran Pavić is the founder and CEO of Telegram Media Group, the president of this year's SoMo Media jury and a member of HUDI. He has been in the media all his life: he collaborated with the well-known tech magazine Wired, edited Nedjeljni Jutarnji and managed the digital operations of Jutarnji list. Today, his focus is primarily on digital editions. In the first episode of the second season of SoMoCast, hear what he thinks about the media business and digital subscriptions as a business model.



Episode 7 - season 1

Miša Živić


Miša Živić is the co-founder and CEO of Leanpay, the regional fintech startup that’s changing the face of online shopping with safe, simple, and smart installment payments. In this episode, you’ll learn what distinguishes Leanpay from fintech leader Klarna, how Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) is changing people’s online shopping habits and businesses’ growth trajectories, and discover whether an HR problem is really to blame for the financial crash of 2007-2008.

Episode 6 - season 1

Eyabo Macauley
Snap Inc.


Eyabo “Yabs” Macauley is the Senior Business Expansion Lead at Snapchat, the perennially popular augmented reality camera app with over 332 million daily active users across the globe. In this episode, you’ll learn the difference between augmented and virtual reality, why Snapchat is listed on the NYSE as a “camera company,” what “metaverse” actually means according to someone that actually understands it, and much more.

Epizoda 5 - season 1

Zlatko Hrkać


Zlatko Hrkać is the CEO at Sofascore, the prominent Croatian sports data company with 23 million active monthly users. In this episode, you’ll learn about the relationship between data companies and the media, the full scoop on the Sofascore x Luka Modrić collaboration, and how this world-famous application got its start with a blog about Oliver Dragojević.

Episode 4 - season 1

Ana Zovko
LAQO by Croatia osiguranje


This is Ana Zovko, Chief Digital Officer at Croatia osiguranje, and Head of LAQO, Croatia’s first 100% digital insurance provider. In this episode, you’ll learn how to get insurance in under a minute, how to use an app to become a better driver, why “intrapreneurship” is better than launching a startup, and which of these is easier: building an intimidatingly ambitious project or a small, simple one. Spoiler alert: Ana’s more the “go big or go home” type.

Episode 3 - season 1

Tomislav Car


Meet Tomislav Car, CEO and founder at, an end-to-end agency management platform helping agencies of all sizes streamline operations, manage resources, and pull in more profit. In this episode, you’ll learn about the role culture plays in an international go-to-market strategy, how the Croatian tech scene stacks up to the titans across the pond, whether time zone differences are really that big a deal, and what makes software work just as well for a team 5 of people as it does for a team of 500.

Episode 2 - season 1

Slaven Kordić
Muzej Iluzija


Introducing Slaven Kordić, managing partner at Invera Equity Partners, owners of the beloved Museum of Illusions franchise (which just so happens to now be the largest museum chain in the world). During their conversation, you’ll learn about the role of private equity in the CEE region, what fund managers look for in companies, “scalability,” and most interestingly… where in the world do equity funds get all that money from?

Episode 1 - season 1

Dejan Donev


Meet SoMoCast’s first guest: Dejan Donev. He’s the head of digital at Erste bank and creator of KEKS Pay – Croatia’s most popular finance app – boasting over 300,000 users. During their conversation, you’ll learn what it takes to build a “superapp,” why corporations have a hard time innovating, how to brand a banking app, and why the idea of Croatian cafés taking your credit card is still so unthinkable.


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