Application Rules and Conditions

Here are the 2022 SoMo Borac Application Rules and Conditions. Please read them carefully.

The 2022 SoMo Borac is open to works and projects created and launched between the closing day for last year’s SoMo Borac applications (September 22, 2021) and the closing day for applications for this year’s edition of the SoMo Borac (October 18, 2022). If your project had been executed earlier than that, but the campaign was still going on during the said period, you can still submit it, provided it did not compete for the SoMo Borac awards earlier.

Who can participate in the 2022 SoMo Media?
The 2022 SoMo Media is open to entries from digital publishers and other companies.

What is the application deadline?
The application submission deadline is October 18, 2022.

Campaign location
All the submitted projects must be intended for the local and/or regional market.

All applicants need to fill out the online application form and provide a link to the submitted work or a video application (link to YouTube or Vimeo) no more than three minutes in duration (a 720p or 1080p MP4 video). In the event the work is no longer available or you have additional materials to show (for instance, an application mockup), you can submit it in your PDF presentation through WeTransfer or other similar services.

What should (and shouldn’t) you include in your application?
The application needs to clearly explain the three elements of your work that the jury panel will be evaluating: originality and creativity, execution quality, and results.

We recommend that you submit your application in English as the members of our jury panel come from different countries and don’t necessarily have the same level of proficiency in all the languages spoken in the region.

How and what will the jury panel evaluate?
In every category, each score carries equal weight. The following elements will be evaluated:

  1. Originality and creativity                               

Explain your creative solution and insight, and state how they were reached, why it was important for your work, and the target group you were addressing. What is it that makes your work unique?

  1. Execution quality     

There are many elements that make the final work complete, including user experience, interface, content, special elements such as videos, interactive additions, distribution methods, and technology used, as well as even the smallest details. Show us how you made use of all that.

  1. Results        

Which results did you achieve compared to the objectives established, and which results were not part of the initially set objectives? Guide yourself by concrete figures confirming the success of your work, and make sure you list the sources of your data.   

The following are the parts of your application that will not be evaluated but are important as they will allow the jury panel to better understand your work and evaluate it thoroughly:

  1.     Background – tell us more about the context of the industry/product/competition that is relevant to your project. Describe your target group and its behavior, and how your project or product relates to that particular target group.
  2.     Objectives – tell us which objectives you established while planning the project.

What does the jury process look like?
There are two rounds of the jury process: in the first round, the jury will select the finalists in each category, and they will be announced no later than ten days prior to the award ceremony. The second round involves choosing the three finalists that will be presented with awards. Each category winner will get a large SoMo Borac statuette, while the two runners-up will be given smaller SoMo Borac statuettes.

How much is the application fee?
The SoMo Borac application fee will amount to EUR 150 per submitted work until October 4, 2022.
Afterwards, the SoMo Borac application fee will amount to EUR 170 per submitted work until October 18, 2022.
Every fifth application is free of charge.

Note: The organizer, with the consent of the jury panel, reserves the right to amend the competition’s terms and conditions.                                                                                            


  1. Digital Product of the Year
    In this particular category, we reward all that “surrounds” media content; oftentimes, that means the interface that the content was packaged into. Subsequently, this category is reserved for media outlets’ websites, newsletters, mobile apps, podcasts, and other similar products.
  1. Best Storytelling
    Digital media allow both big and small stories to be presented in different ways. This category is intended for those who have managed to do it in the most attractive way – for instance, by relying on interactive tools, custom design, or videos, having specific distribution strategies, and, at the same time, achieving a major impact on the society with their article.
  1. Digital Design of the Year
    The category focuses on the overall design of a newsletter, an article, a series of articles, or categories within a web portal, web portal’s redesign, or any other online destination’s design.
  1. SoMo NATIVE
    These days, advertising campaigns’ native content can be found across all media; however, only some examples of the native content capture the readers’ attention for longer periods of time. One such native solution or a series of native solutions will take the win in this particular category. Innovative uses of the format will be given special attention.

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