3. November 2023.

Introducing four new speakers!

Teo Širola (Museum of Illusions), Lea Stanković (Communis), Ivan Brezak Brkan (Netokracija) and Ivan Kordić (Shoppster) are the four latest additions to our speaker lineup at the first SoMo conference!


Teo Širola: from Zagreb to Las Vegas — a Croatian success story

After a career as a consultant in corporate finance and the position of general director of Glovo for Croatia, Teo Širola moved to the position of COO of the Museum of Illusions in 2021, later assuming the role of president.

At the end of 2021, he moved to the position of COO of the Museum of Illusions, later assuming the role of president. In his lecture, he will present the work of the largest chain of private museums in the world, with more than 45 locations in 25 countries, and tell how the Museum of Illusions has become one of the most successful Croatian export products.


Lea Stanković: how to use technology to improve a good story?

How many times have you seen the news that a brand is using a certain technology “for the first time in history”? And how many times have you remembered what that brand is actually about?

The truth is that it is only important for marketers and advertisers to be the first and use something new at any cost, because we (wrongly) believe that this is how we prove our originality and modernity. It doesn’t matter to the end users. What is interesting to them, they will follow. They will skip what they find boring, no matter what new technology is used.

Technology, in itself, is not a story, but it can significantly improve it. Lea Stanković from the Communis DDB agency will show you how.


Ivan Brezak Brkan: Developers hate marketing, now what?

72% of developers use ad blockers, and even more say they despise marketing, advertisements, and being sold to. What can marketing professionals and the media do to attract and satisfy this desirable but demanding target audience? 

This is the topic of the lecture by Ivan Brezak Brkan, director of developer content at the first Croatian unicorn Infobip and founder of Netokracija, the leading media in Croatia and the region dedicated to the technology industry. Find out what he learned by creating a global developer audience for the first Croatian unicorn — and trust us, it’s not about a new advertising format.


Ivan Kordić: marketing funnel does not exist!

The classic marketing funnel has been the basis of every marketing strategy for decades. Is it time to rethink this linear model that assumes a predictable path where potential customers first become aware of the product, then become interested, develop a desire for it, and finally buy it?

Ivan Kordić from Shoppster, an experienced e-commerce and performance marketing expert, will challenge the conventional wisdom by asserting that the traditional marketing funnel does not exist. In his talk, he will compare classic and performance marketing funnels, offering a new perspective on the fundamental concept of digital marketing.


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