27. June 2023.

Introducing Digital OOH, a New Category in 2023!

Many digital marketing experts predict the growing popularity of Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH) advertising. In recent years, exceptional DOOH projects have been carried out in Croatia, catching the attention of European and global experts. Hence, this year, we decided to introduce Digital OOH as a new category.

This category highlights the importance of DOOH advertising in both continuous and campaign communication, rewarding campaigns that have stopped us in our tracks on the streets, during city walks, or in shopping centers, which we’ve watched for a long time or interacted with the large screen content. Since this is an always-on and all-day content, this approach to advertising requires creativity, production, and attention, with additional effort put into achieving audience interaction.

Digital OOH is an advertising tool that essentially combines the best of both worlds, digital and physical. It has a strong reach to the target audience, but it’s often overlooked when we talk about digital marketing. That’s why we decided to dedicate a special category to this widespread advertising channel and give regional experts a chance to showcase how they use DOOH,” said Ružica Vrdoljak Ličina, Executive Director of SoMo Borac.

IAB Croatia, a Croatian branch of the IAB Global Network, has recently prepared Guidelines for DOOH Advertising, the first document in the local market that includes information on formats, planning and buying, as well as best DOOH advertising practices.

The Croatian company Go2Digital is synonymous with successful outdoor advertising in Croatia as the most successful company in this field, and Dean Udatny, the Marketing Director of Go2Digital, said:

According to HURA AdEx research, the digital outdoor advertising (DOOH) market has been growing for eight years and is taking a leading role in the OOH sector, revolutionizing the industry through innovation. DOOH combines the best aspects of the digital and physical world, creating an exceptionally powerful marketing tool. In Croatia, digital outdoor advertising achieves exceptional effectiveness that can be compared to the most developed countries in the world. In recent years, extraordinary creative projects in the field of DOOH advertising have been carried out, attracting the attention of European and global experts. Each award that these projects win attracts attention and helps accelerate the development and growth of the digital outdoor advertising market. I am glad that SoMo Borac has recognized the importance of DOOH and has included it as a new, special category,” said Dean Udatny, Marketing Director, Go2Digital.


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