About SoMo Borac

SoMo Borac is the region’s biggest award for digital work.

It has been presented for nine consecutive years as part of the Weekend Media Festival in Rovinj, which attracts up to 4,000 people each year. Seeing as the award is regional, the competition is big and tough – just like our expert jury panel. The panel features a number of digital experts from the leading advertising agencies in Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and Macedonia. The awards are presented in nine different categories, and the winners get to take 3D printed SoMo Borac statuettes home. Apart from the large statuettes that are presented to the winners, there are also smaller statuettes for those shortlisted in each category.

The award ceremony for the 9th SoMo Borac will be online; the exact date will be announced soon.

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