Nowadays, nothing will work without loads of social network activity, 24/7! That is the effort we will be rewarding in this category – the best Facebook pages, visually spectacular Instagram profiles, WhatsApp campaigns and everything else fitting into this category.

How to push through the billions of mobile apps to reach the users? With good-quality and well-thought-out products that we (naturally) reward in this category. The category is intended exclusively for mobile device apps.

All the endless work on social networks and its burden fall on the backs of community managers. They are diplomats, capable communicators, performance experts, excellent sellers, and digital specialists, all at the same time. We will be rewarding them in the CM of the Year category. They can be nominated by agencies, clients or themselves in case they are freelancers.

These days, it is impossible to reach one’s audience without good-quality content. That is why the SoMo Content category rewards the best content marketing projects. Content projects can include blogs, e-books, videos or video series, infographics, newsletters etc.

Reaching the maximum number of users organically and earning a bunch of shares is the desire behind many a post. Some of them achieve it, and we recognize them as the best in the One-Hit Wonder category. It can be any format - text, video, visual.

The best campaign on one or more digital platforms will collect their SoMo Borac in this particular category. Platforms can include social networks, mobile apps, sites, IoT and anything else we consider digital.

The SoMo Tech category rewards the best application of technology. Virtual reality and the Internet of Things are just some of the buzzwords you’ll find here, but you can run into “older” platforms as well.

Websites are still the cornerstone of the digital world! Sooner or later, all users end up on a website, which is why it is extremely important to give it your full attention. Regardless of whether it is a corporate or project-related website, it gets submitted in this category.

The SoMoRitanac category rewards the best digital campaign that contributed to a higher cause (e.g. raised public awareness of an issue, helped a vulnerable or at-risk group, or contributed to solving a social issue).

Show your best digital work to the entire Weekend at the SoMo Borac award ceremony!

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